FANUC Robotic and Material Handling Case Studies

End-of-Arm Tool for Palletizing Robots

Robotic Palletizing System for Multiple Lines

Our customer requested a system to fully automate four product lines within the limited space they had available while ensuring that fork truck traffic would not be impeded. The system also needed to ensure the stability of the loaded pallets from start to finish. This system was built with four FANUC M-410ic/185 robots, a transfer car built in-house, and our KForce R20 stretch wrapper. Find out how Kaufman designed and built this system to meet the customer's needs!

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Robotic Palletizing

Robotic Bag Palletizing System with Weight Checker/Bag Reject Functionality

This system was built with a FANUC 410iB 140H robot and the end-of-arm tool Kaufman designed specifically for bags. The customer requirements for this project included the need for the system to withstand a highly corrosive environment and operate efficiently and accurately at high speeds to accommodate their palletizing rate specifications. Find out how Kaufman designed and built this system to meet the customer's needs!

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Case Packing Robot

Robotic Case Packing and Clamp Palletizing System with Stretch Wrapper

This system was built with FANUC robots and Kaufman's KPac case packing, KPal clamp palletizing, and KForce stretch wrapping capabilities. The system was built for automated end-of-line packaging of plastic containers and was designed and built to meet the specific needs of the customer.

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KPal V Corner Board Stretch Wrap Square v1.png

KPal V Case Palletizing System with KForce R20 Corner Board Stretch Wrapper

Searching for a complete Robotic Palletizing and Corner Board Stretch Wrapping System? Kaufman has your solution! We've built a KPal V robotic case palletizing system complete with an automatic Kaufman KForce R20c corner board stretch wrapper.

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Robotic Tote Palletizing System

Kaufman Engineered Systems KPal V palletizing system utilizes two FANUC 410iB/185H robots with high-speed vacuum end-of-arm tools capable of building 6 orders at a time.

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Bag Pal.jpg

High Speed Bag Palletizing System

Kaufman Engineered Systems' automatic palletizing system utilizes a FANUC 410iB/140H robot with a high-speed end-of-arm tool that is capable of palletizing 22+ bags per minute.

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Tote and Case Robotic Palletizer with Qimarox Elevators

Kaufman Engineered Systems' automatic end-of-line case and tote palletizing system utilizes a FANUC M-410iC/185 robot which picks tier sheets, totes, and cases. The integrated Qimarox elevators transport the totes to be filled in the manufacturing process and then lowered to the cell to be palletized for transport. The Qimarox elevators are a small footprint alternative to traditional spirals.

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Small Footprint.jpg

Small Footprint Case Palletizing System With Fenceless Loading Zone

When limited floor space is an issue, The Kaufman Engineered Systems KPal Compact Palletizer is a perfect fit.

Equipped to pick and place pallets and tier sheets which are easily accessible for reloading in the fenceless loading zone with the protection of a Keyence Safety Laser Scanner.

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Labeler 01.jpg

KRLV1 Collaborative Robotic Labeler with Vision Verification

Kaufman Engineered Systems' automatic end-of-line labeling system utilizes a FANUC CR-7iA/L Collaborative robot which can easily be added to existing palletizing and stretch wrapping lines.

With the use of FANUC iR vision, the label is scanned to verify placement and correct position. The label presence verification scan assures that the barcode is present and can be read if needed for data transfer to WMS or other unit operations.

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high speed pick.jpg

High Speed Picking, Packing and Palletizing System for Trays and Cases

A custom robotic system from Kaufman Engineered Systems utilizes a FANUC M-2iA Series Delta robot to orient cans with the assistance of FANUC iR vision and line tracking to be packed into cases and trays.

A FANUC R-1000iA Series robot packs 8, 12, and 24 count cases which are automatically sealed and conveyed to the palletizing cell. A completed palletized load is labeled and verified by a Kaufman Engineered Systems KRL1V Robotic labeler which uses a FANUC LRMate 200iD/7L. After the labeling process, A Kaufman model SXPA-20 automatic stretch wrapper secures the load for shipment.

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K6 Full-Tier Case and Open Tray Palletizer

Utilizing two FANUC 710iB/50H robots for tier formation, palletizing with a FANUC 410iB/450 robot (with the new K6 full-tier palletizing end-of-arm-tooling), and using a 410ib/140H FANUC robot (with IR vision) to pick tier sheets, slip sheets, and pallets.

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Dual Robotic Case Palletizing System

Two FANUC 410ib-140 series robots with customized vacuum end of arm tooling case palletizing a single unit load utilizing space check.

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Robotic Bag Palletizing System

FANUC 410iB series robot with the custom-designed end-of-arm tool palletizes 25lb-80lb bags of salt pellets on CHEP or GMA pallets.

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Full Layer Depalletizing and Palletizing System

Kaufman Engineered Systems KDPal K5P robotic depalletizer, including a Kaufman KPalS robotic palletizer and Kaufman model Expa-15 automatic stretch wrap system.

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PET bottles

Kaufman’s Bulk PET Bottle Palletizing System

Kaufman Engineered Systems full layer, K5 bulk PET plastic bottle palletizing system features three FANUC robots, multilane infeed conveyor, and dynamic dunnage.

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Kaufman’s Robotic Stack and Wrap Palletizing System

Kaufman Engineered Systems’ stack and wrap palletizing system has the versatility of 3 separate palletizing modes.

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Case Palletizing and KForce Corner Board Stretch Wrapper

Kaufman’s exclusively designed palletizing system robotically picks and palletizes cases using the custom-designed spatula end-of-arm tooling. A gantry-style sheet dispenser automatically places a top sheet on the fully palletized load before entering the stretch wrapping cell.

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Kaufman Engineered Systems is a premier integrator for FANUC robotics offering robotic palletizing, depalletizing, case packing, high-speed picking, and labeling. In addition, Kaufman manufacturers their own line of stretch wrapping, pallet conveying, pallet stacking, pallet dispensing, and other material handling offerings. Couple all this with in-house controls and Kaufman has the complete solution. Let us help you create your next end-of-line solution.