KPal V Case Palletizing System with KForce R20c Corner Board Stretch Wrapper

Searching for a complete Robotic Palletizing and Corner Board Stretch Wrapping System? Kaufman has your solution! Look at our video spotlight of the KPal V robotic case palletizing system complete with an automatic Kaufman KForce R20c corner board stretch wrapper.

Kaufman has designed a system that utilizes a Fanuc M410ib-140 palletizing robot with a multi-purpose tool made to place multiple types of dunnage, and also stack product to create a palletized load.

The completed load is then conveyed to the wrap station where the Kaufman KForce R20c corner board stretch wrapper utilizes two Fanuc LRmate 200iD corner board placing robots that position and hold corner boards; two at a time, as the stretch wrapper secures them. A turntable conveyor rotates 180 degrees into a position that allows placement of the remaining two corner boards. Finally, the stretch wrapper completes the wrap function, and the load is conveyed to the next station. These systems can also be designed to have four corner board placing robots if additional throughput is a need.

System Features:

  • Utilizing a pallet pick attachment on the end-of-arm tool, pallets are picked and placed using a FANUC M410ib-140 palletizing robot. Using the vacuum tool portion of the EOAT; a slip sheet is placed on the pallet, and the robot then builds the load, in this example, the loads being built are sealed cases.
  • The load is then conveyed into position on the Kaufman KForce R20C stretch wrapper
  • Corner boards are applied by the Fanuc LRmate 200iD corner board placing robots, holding them in place as the automatic stretch wrapper secures them.
  • The load is then fully wrapped, stretch film is cut and the load is conveyed to the unloading zone.

Other System Upgrade Features:

  • Corner board bin loading sequence, system will automatically sense low corner boards. Then alerts the operator to load corner boards. Robots will clear the area around the corner board bin, making it safe for the operator to reload bins.
  • Corner board bins are simple to reload and can accommodate different size corner boards if needed.
  • Monitored safety zone for pallet & sheet bins area. The space near these bins is constantly scanned by a Keyence motion scanner and will detect when an operator comes near and then slows or stops robot motion to allow the operator to safely approach the loading zone when needing to refill pallets & slip sheets.

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