Kaufman Engineered Systems: Unparalleled expertise for over 75 years


1946 – Founded by Larry L. Kaufman Sr., who pioneered the design and construction of industrial process heating equipment: parts washers, heat furnaces and painting systems

1960s – Entered the poly film unitizing field by becoming the leading manufacturer of shrink wrap systems in the US and Canada

1970s – Entered infant stretch wrap market by building rotary table and rotary arm stretch wrappers

Kaufman Engineered Systems Manufacturing Facility

1980s – Continued refinement and fortified position of primary product line of stretch wrapping equipment. Organized focus on providing end of line solutions / systems

Early 1990s – Continued development of automation equipment to support stretch wrap system, including pallet handling conveyors, pallet transfer conveyors, transfer cars, dual load stackers, pallet to slip sheet transfer systems, pallet dispensers, slip sheet dispensers, top and bottom corrugated sheet dispensers, poly sheet dispensers, low level palletizers and gantry stackers

1995 – Constructed new 60,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility

Late 1990s – Entered into distribution agreement with FANUC Robotics; development of robotic palletizers and case conveyor systems

2000s – Became an authorized systems integrator for FANUC Robotics; developed an increased depth in robotic offerings, including introduction of industry leading robotic bulk palletizing systems; expanded production capacity with acquisition of 30,000 sq. ft. facility in Fremont, OH

2010-Present – Continued expansion of FANUC robotic automation solutions with robotic case packers and robotic labelers; created a unique and dynamic competitive position in the marketplace as a manufacturer, FANUC robotic automation solutions and complete system integrator.