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Kaufman Engineering Systems KDPal Group of Robotic Depalletizers

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Effective De-Palletizing Solutions designed for glass, plastic containers, cases, bundles and trays.

The new Kaufman KDPal Depalletizer Group is a perfect fit for your Depalletizing needs. For container filling applications, the system accepts a full load and efficiently creates a single stream of bottles. This family of depalletizers also has the ability to singulate case, bundle, or tray loads for co-pack operations within your facility. The KDPal V depalletizer features our exclusive vacuum row pick tool for case or bundle product. The KDPalS features our spatula row pick tooling for bundle, case, or tray product. The KDPal C features our clamp row pick tooling for bundles or cases products. The KDPal B depalletizer features our bag depal gripper designed to remove individual bags from a load. The KDpal K5G features our full layer end of arm tooling to accommodate glass containers and our KDPal K5P to accommodate plastic containers.

KES will configure your KDPal depalletizer with the most efficient end of arm tooling for your specific product. All end of arm tool styles are available with the ability to pick tier sheets. With a long list of standard and optional features, the KDPal Group of Depalletizers is sure to increase the rate of return on your equipment investment!

The KDPal Group of Depalletizers can be tailored to your industry segment whether it be Food, Beverage, Building Products, Paper, Plastic Container, Glass Container, Pharmaceutical, Personal Care to name a few. KDPal Standard Features include Allen Bradley PLC and control components and Category (3) Safety Architecture, Complete system set up and testing at KES. The KDPal Depalletizer has the options to meet your plant and production needs.

The KDPal group is available in many models, including:

  • KDPal V - Vacuum Depalletizing System
  • KDPal S - Spatula Depalletizing System
  • KDPal B - Bag Depalletizing System
  • KDpal C - Clamp Depalletizing System
  • KDPal K5G - Full Layer Glass Depalletizing System
  • KDPal K5P - Full Layer Plastic Container Depalletizing System

The KD5Pal Group is available in the following models:

Kaufman KDPal B Bag Depalletizing System Utilizing FANUC Robotics

Kaufman KDPal Bag depalletizing system.

KDPal K5 Full Layer Plastic and Glass Container Depalletizing System

KDPal K5P and K5G glass and plastic full layer, bulk depalletizing system.

KPal K5G Full Layer Glass Bottle and Case Palletizing and Depalletizing Robotic System

KDPal K5G full layer, bulk glass bottle and case depalletizer and KPal K5G palletizing system.

KDal K5P Full Layer Plastic Container Depalletizer and KPal S Bundle Palletizing System

Kaufman KDPal K5P full layer, bulk plastic container depalletizing and KPal Spatula bundle palletizing system.

KDPal K5 Robotic Dunnage Depalletization System

Fanuc 410ib 450 Automatic Bulk Depalletizing Systems Including automatic dunnage take away system.

KDPal Standard Features

  • Allen Bradley Components Including: CompactLogix, ControlLogix, and GuardLogix PLC’s, Powerflex 525 Drives and Panelview Interface Screens
  • FANUC Robots
  • Kaufman Engineered Systems (KES) manufactured end-of-arm tooling

KDPal Options

As a level four Authorized Systems Integrator for FANUC Robotics, FANUC's highest level of attainment, Kaufman Engineered Systems applies FANUC robot technology to provide customers complete end of line system solutions.

The solution may be as simple as a dedicated palletizing cell, or as complex as a multi-line handling and palletizing system. No matter how big or small, Kaufman Engineered Systems will address each project and customer with the same integrity and professional response.

Service and Support

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With each KDPal system comes Kaufman Engineered Systems service and support. Backed by 75 years serving customers, Kaufman is a partner you can rely on to respond quickly and efficiently when having service needs. With your KDPal palletizer you will have service options to choose from if you wish to setup quarterly, semi-annual, or annual maintenance support with Kaufman Qualified Technicians.

Let us help you become a new member of our family. We look forward to working with you.

Complete line of Robotic KDPal Palletizing and Depalletizing solutions.


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