Full-Layer Glass Container Palletizing System Integrating FANUC Robotics

Utilizing our patented fifth generation full layer end of arm tool technology, this robotic full layer palletizing system picks glass and plastic containers, film wrapped bundles, cases and display trays.

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Full-Layer palletizing system capabilities:

  • Glass containers
  • Plastic containers
  • Film wrapped bundles
  • Cases
  • Display trays

System Features:

  • Patented Technology
  • Universal Tooling
  • Robot Control
  • Dynamic Dunnage
  • Kaufman Global Support

Robotic tier forming:

  • Robot lane sweeping
  • Cases, trays, bundles
  • Various container types
  • Complex pattern forming

5th generation full-layer end-of-arm tool picks:

  • Pallets
  • Slip sheets
  • Tier sheets
  • Top frames
  • Product

K5 Bulk Glass Palletizer System

Full Layer Robotic Glass Bottle and Case Palletizing System

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Let the line automation experts customize equipment in our research and development lab to suit your system requirements. Dedicated testing for robot speed and utilization, product pick ability and turning. We have all the tools needed to customize a system to fit your unique product needs.

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