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Kaufman KForce T20
Automated Stretch Wrap System

Kaufman Engineered Systems offers a complete line of the most durable stretch wrapping equipment available. When uptime efficiency and equipment longevity are what you desire, Kaufman stretch wrappers are the simple choice.

  • Rotek bearing provides robust support for wrapper arm.
  • Optional low profile hold-down for load securement during wrap process.
  • Optional CAM (Corner Anticipation Mode) for wrapping light and unstable loads.
  • Kaufman powered pre-stretch head using K-Force film feed technology to optimize film delivery to load.
  • Stretch head mast using "no lube" Vee Wheel guides and spring tensioned chain drive for simple yet virtually maintenance free performance.
  • Grip arm provides milled finger slots for convenient loading of film.
  • 10' wrapper conveyor provides compact footprint. Conveyor design will vary based on load support requirements.
  • Robust 8"x8" metal tube frame construction.

Kaufman offers a complete line of stretch wrapping equipment including:


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  • Kaufman Stretch Wrapper Kaufman Stretch Wrapper
  • Wrapper Head Wrapper Head
  • Wrapper Bearing Wrapper Bearing
  • Vertical Stretch Wrapper Vertical Stretch Wrapper
  • Overhead Stretch Wrapper Overhead Stretch Wrapper
  • KForce Wrapper Head KForce Wrapper Head
  • KForce Stretch Wrapper KForce Stretch Wrapper
  • Optional Load Hold Down Optional Load Hold Down
  • Turntable Stretch Wrapper Turntable Stretch Wrapper
  • Wrapper Conveyor Wrapper Conveyor
  • Wrapper Bearing Wrapper Bearing